Folk: Demon Lord
Demon lord by chevsy-d6zzv3x

Aeternus Tabes as seen by the prophets of old.

Fealty: The Todeslords

Trade: Rise of the Todeslords

Quote: "All you know, all you'll ever know, all you are, and all you'll ever be is left in my hands, Mortal. To face me is to stand against a world of fire and darkness. To kill me is to kill death itself. You are nothing against me, and your soul will only fuel my power as countless others have before you. Your pathetic attempts to save this world will go unseen and unheard, and the only thing you will taste for this eternity is oblivion and defeat. So, come now, and face your ultimate doom."

History: The Todeslord's were a race of ancient and powerfull demons that came through a portal into the world known as Keldatropin. The "Aeternus" ones were the three archdemons that came through the portal to lead the eternal destruction of this new world and ensure the success of their campaigns in the future.

Unfortunately for the Aeternus ones, they couldn't have forseen their own demise. A prophecy fortold of five heroes that would save the inhabitants of Keldatropin from the Todeslords and send the Aeternus one back to the realm from which they came.

All but one Todeslord fell in the battle of Hell's Gate, and that one soon brought Keldatropin to it's knees. After slaying the five heroes, Aeternus Tabes enslaved the world and once he was satisfied in crushing the hopes of an entire civilization, he reached to the sky and brought the stars to their breaking points. An entire star system exploding at once, the sky grew ever brighter and ever hotter. Within moments the oceans turned into vapor and the planet was scorched and left lifeless before the wave of destruction from the power of a thousand stars blew the world into bits and pieces of ash and dust. The world left to the hands of Aeternus Tabes, he felt nothing but pleasure in the burning of yet another new world.

His current whereabouts are unknown.