"Welcome to eternity, son." -Alek August

Alek August


Race: Human, Vampire

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: House August


In the ancient times, Alek Vryloka was nothing more than a Flaming Fists mercenary, a sellsword hired to defend Baldur's Gate. Norok's strike slew his superiors, and left him in charge of the city. It was his success in defending the city that earned him the title Lord of Castle August in Yunith, a title he adopted in place of his own family name. For many years, Alek defended Yunith, and acquired many allies and talented friends. The court of Castle August became renowned for the quality of scholars, wizards, nobles, craftsmen, and warriors that Alek invited in. 

Shortly after the Cataclysm shattered the mortal realm and left Yunith untouched, Alek August was approached by the Red Witch, who offered to extend his reign forever. Alek accepted, and became the first vampire. Over the centuries, Alek selected only the wisest scholars, most powerful wizards, most cunning nobles, most artistic craftsmen, and the strongest warriors, and brought them into the secret Vryloka bloodline, adopting them as his children.

After the Crimson Crows revealed a conspiracy regarding the ancient and most noble House Pelaios, Alek opposed the Tiefling house, and together with House Falkrunn, House Grandfather, and House Timbledere, fought the War of Yunith. Alek personally led the siege of House Medrash, but at the resolution of the war, ceded the castle back to the dragonborn. He was present at Castle Ezhelya when R'Dajee Marr, Alryn, and Morgnan revealed Lord Shrakk's treachery, and Alek was the lord who ordered his execution. 

Seeing potential in Alryn, Alek invited him to go back with him to Castle August. There, at midnight, Alek joined Alryn to the Vryloka bloodline. However, Alryn fled the castle on realizing what Alek had done to him. The former paladin returned later with R'Dajee Marr and Morgnan, slew Alek, and usurped his title and castle.