"Where the four elemental planes converge, the barrier between our world and chaos is thinnest. That's where you'll find the magisters, their slaves, their Rathir, and their monument to magic: the Spire." -Grigore



Alluria lies to the north of Nerath. It is separated from Yunith by the Water Way, which narrows to seven leagues where they are closest. It stretches over an area of twenty six thousand and nine hundred leagues, excluding the smaller surrounding islands. The greatest distance between two coasts is two hundred leagues, two hundred seventy by road. The land is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions. It is surrounded by over one thousand smaller islands.


To those outside of Alluria it is easy to imagine a society filled with magisters, slaves and little else. In truth, there are three different Allurias, each of them a world completely separated from the others. There are the magisters, the land's nobility, completely obsessed with competing for supremacy with each other - almost to the exclusion of paying any heed to the nation's enemies. The well-bred nobles sneer at the vassals, who in turn sneer at the peasants. They vie for dominance in the Magisterium, where factions shift and flow on a daily basis with deadly consequences, requiring every family to put on a veneer of perfect citizenship or face scandal and censure.

It would be easy to forget that Alluria possesses a massive class of publicans, the civil servants and leaders of the Legionnaires. It has an enormous merchant class, enough teeming poor to drown any other nation in the empire, and the shadowy thieves called "praesumptor" who are practically treated with respect.

And then there are the slaves. One would think they, at least, see each other as equals, but it is not so. The divide between the freed serfs, those who act as personal servants to magisters, those who work on farms and factories, and the "servus publicus" who do all the tasks proper citizens will not - it is all but insurmountable, but perhaps in emulation of those who own them, Imperial slaves will connive and scheme to try anyhow. Outsiders might see it as futile, but to Alluria citizens, their nation's social classes are the most mutable and rewarding of merit in all the empire.