The son of the great God Arakamos, the so-called Leviathan is the ruler of the sea. Little is known about Arakathamos except that he rarely intervenes with Mortal Affairs, he is mostly a legend. Described only by tales and hallucinations of horror and despair, it is said that to be met by Arakathamos
Leviathan by ourlak-d4ky5n6

Arakathamos in the year 439 PW

is to stare at death with helpless eyes and the feeling of all hope leaving the world before he swallows you into darkness. In prophecy, Arakathamos is to help a company of heroes in the end of days. In the year 1285 PW this prophecy was made by a wizard with a funny obsession of rabbits. But nonetheless, he had spoken many truths in the past. Now the year is 4278 AW and the prophecy has been all but forgotten, but the towns and countries are reviving old documents that may reveal sinister destinies that have already been planned thousands of years ago

Arakathamos has been waiting...

Quote: (Gutteral voice) "To the depths..."Edit