"You are the dragon's heart; forged in fire, tempered in blood, sharpened by scales." -Avatar of Io

Arkhosian Fang


Era: Second

First: Torinn Drakerider

Fealty: Empire of Arkhosia

Distinctions: Wyvern and Drake mounts


Torinn Drakerider was a Dray warlord in the Arkhosian Empire in the early years of the War of Ruin. Sent with the second invasion horde, Drakerider won glory in the first skirmish against a legion of Bael Turath. Given charge of six wyverns, Drakerider was commanded to find five worthy warriors and form the vanguard of the march east. Drakerider found five warriors who had lost their units in the skirmish, each a sole survivor, and brought them into his Arkhosian Fang vanguard. For the duration of the second invasion, this vanguard was never defeated, and not a single rider fell in battle.

On their return to Arkhosia, Drakerider was honored by Daal, dragon lord of the horde. Drakerider was named leader of Junnesejer, a fortress on the eastern coast. The outcasts of the hordes were sent there; those unworthy of fighting in any dragon lord's horde, but too unimportant to warrant execution. Drakerider took these warriors and taught them everything he had learned in the second invasion, and for twenty years, he honed them into the Arkhosian Fang, a vanguard that numbered in the thousands. These warriors fought as the champions and cavalry of every horde, from the third invasion on, either on drake or wyvern.