"The warriors of the horde have come to the golden city in search of glory and riches. They are veterans of centuries of warfare, and they thirst for conquest. They rode out in search of glory, riches, and the Heart of Morragor." -Storm



Homeland: Morragor



Spikes and blades protude from a bladeling’s skin, hence its name. The first bladelings were created by the god Bane as soldiers, and while some bladelings continue to serve their creator in his astral dominion of Chernoggar, others have escaped the war god’s yoke to lead fiercely independent lives. Long ago, Bane plucked a race of mortals from the world and used it to fashion a new race of soldiers. He bestowed the race with fighting skills and natural weaponry, yet he could not quash the independence that led some bladelings to rebel against him. Bladelings are fierce warriors who respect power. Many bladelings still roam the battlefields of Chernoggar, but some have managed to escape to find homes elsewhere within the planes. A bladeling’s body is a living weapon. Although these warriors rely on weapons and armor in battle, they can also unleash the spikes and the blades on their bodies. All bladelings can loose their spikes in a barrage around them, but only a few can shoot the spikes out to great distances.