"Listen, keep your head down and your nose out of Imperial business. No good comes of empires, and you're better off if you're never noticed." -Darus Falkrunn

Darus Falkrunn


Race: Dwarf

Class: Rogue

Affiliation: None


A pirate caught between two warring empires, Darus Falkrunn knew his days were numbered. When the Knight Protectors of Nerath caught he and his crew trying to slip away from a bit of business gone wrong, his worst fears were realized. Pressed into service for the Empire of Bael Turath, Darus and his ship, the Freedom, carried messages back and forth between the fortresses of Alluria and Vor Rukoth. 

On the fateful day that Norok struck Baldur's Gate, Darus was just delivering his message to Alek August, the commander of the Flaming Fists. He and his crew rushed back to the Freedom in a hopeless bid for escape, but through the efforts of Alec Quinn, Count Grodd, Gor, Mariel, and Mariz Kad, Norok was slain. August commanded Darus to ferry the five heroes back to Vor Rukoth, in compliance with the Emperor's message.

Striking up a quick friendship with fellow 'provincials' Gor Dragon Slayer and Mariz Kad, Darus quickly grew to dislike Alec Quinn, who maintained the human disdain for all such 'beastfolk.' Darus delivered the Heroes of Baldur's Gate as ordered, and remained to watch out for Aemon, apprentice wizard of the Spire

When the Heroes of Baldur's Gate returned from the Feywild, they were quickly sent north to Alluria to investigate rumors of a Spellplague. Bert, Aemon's familiar, and Darus, were sent with the heroes. Darus was initially enthusiastic about getting out of Vor Rukoth, though the dangers of the Spine mountain range in Alluria quickly changed his tune.