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"So strong, we thought… So wrong…" -Evard



Folk: Human, Shade

Trade: Wizard

Fealty: Wizards of the Spire, the Five Wraiths


First Era[]

Evard the Black was once a man, born in the March of Bissel. Noble of birth, but scholarly and wise, Evard sought instruction at the Spire. After weeks of persuasion, Evard was accepted for study by the wizards of the Spire. Few details from his days as an apprentice are available, but it is known that during his study, Evard lost his family. 

After being recognized as a full wizard, Evard began seeking knowledge of blood magic, intent on discovering secrets that would lead to immortality. It is believed that these early forays into blood magic led Evard to make his first living sacrifice to power a ritual. This knowledge would lead him to develop the Trail of Five Darknesses ritual with four of Evard's inner circle. This ritual transformed Evard into a Shade.

The other four wizards involved in the ritual gradually degraded into wraiths, but Evard set out to discover some way to save his life. This led him to Halaster Blackcloak; a mad bladesinger and war wizard. Inspired by Halaster's work in cloning, Evard created the first phylactery to house his soul. It was then that Evard became Evard the Black, the first lich, and pioneered the necromancy and nethermancy schools of magic. 

Second Era[]

The planeswalker Petorin Synnaridia exploited Evard's first ever planar portal into Shadowfell, building on the concept of planar portals, and using them during the Planar Breach of 49,990 BC.

Third Era[]

In the year 49,950 AC, the wizard Sair underwent the Trail of Five Darknesses and adopted the name Evard Gloomhollow in honor of Evard the Black. Forty years later, Gloomhollow attempted the same planar portal into Shadowfell that Petorin Synnaridia adapted from Evard the Black.