"All eyes, mortal and draconic, are looking here, to us. What will they see? Cowards, seeking to save our own skins? Will we strike our colors and flee? Will we sully the name of the Fair Maiden? Or will they see the pride of the Empire, our banners caught in a divine wind? Ready the sails, gentlemen!" -Captain Lasky



Maker: Thorfin

Material: Ironbark

Unique Attributes: Enchanted to fly


Originally commandeered by the dread Pirate Queen Bree of the South Sea from her rivals, the Fair Maiden served as the flagship of the Pelaios Accord during the War of Nerath. During the Battle of Cathenay, Thorfin replaced the sails with great balloons, and enchanted the Fair Maiden to fly. She was the first airship, and the basis on which all others were built.

The Fair Maiden was destroyed in the Battle of Vor Kragal during the Second Invasion of the War of Ruin.