Era: Third

First: Unknown

Fealty: Their Mountain

Distinctions: Stone Swords


Little is known about this cult/clan of people, we know that they are mostly human, but are somewhat supernatural when it comes to age and sword skill. They very much so keep to themselves and do not intervene with Mortal Affairs unless they were somehow at risk.

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A Winter Havoc at Lookout Point

They have been in Keldatropin since 1276 AW defending their Mountain from all invaders that seek the knowledge and wealth that lies there. They are un-matched by most any swordsmen in Keldatropin, and pride themselves on their loyalty, morality, and their training.

Viewer accounts

A Winter Havoc prepared to fight.

claims that they stand at a shocking 7' feet tall, and carry great swords made from stone and precious metals mined only from the mountains they protect. They wear long violet, white, blue, or black cloaks with extremely heavy armor under them, but perhaps it is the name given to them that makes them most intimidating.

They are Called Winter Havoc's because there is not a force that has yet taken them, and they have not re-paid hostility with much kindness.

No man has ever seen one of these men fall, and it is likely no man will ever set eyes on a dead one.