"Goblins! Why did it have to be goblins?" -Morgnan



Homeland: Zagraz Mountains

Cities: Batiri


Goblins are muck-dwellers that are all about the new: new sensations, new possessions, new experiences. Goblins revel in discovering new sensations, from the texture of an otter pellet to the squeak of a dying warren mate. Their lives revolve around the novel and interesting, and they stop at nothing to possess or feel new things. In fact, the sharing of new objects and sensations is the only real law goblins have; those that break it are never forgiven.

Warrens of these crude goblins are led by 'Aunties' - though they aren't necessarily female - usually goblins of great age and experience who explain the meaning behind things or sensations that are particularly puzzling. The greatest auntie of all is Auntie Grub, whose ancient tales still guide goblin behavior.


Goblins are naturally drawn to new sensations, which causes them to be sort of accidental kleptomaniacs. They don't mean to steal the delicious pie cooling on the halfling windowsill, they just couldn't help themselves. But there's one important rule among the goblins: you have to share any new sensation you find with the rest of your warren. Those who do not share are exiled. Feasts are one way for goblins in different warrens to get together and share new things and sensations. As one might expect, these gatherings are wild and disgusting in the extreme.

Goblins believe that each part of their bodies is responsible for a different sensation or a type of thought. Hands and feet, which have the most direct contact with the world around them, are sources of warning, often in the form of pain. Emotions come from the liver, analytical thought from the ears, and so on. As beings who love sensation in all its forms, they divide up those sensations in just such a way.

Goblins aren't the greatest at blacksmithing, weaponcrafting, or even whittling. So when it comes to arming themselves, they improvise what they can't steal. There's actually a measure of ingenuity to their improvisation. Whether they're firing hedgehogs from a slingshot, lashing frogs to a stick, or gathering hornets in a fragile glass sphere, they exhibit a range of creative solutions for the goal of making someone hurt.