"Death... Is only the beginning." -Halaster Blackcloak



Race: Changeling

Class: Wizard

Affiliation: Wizards of the Spire


First EraEdit

Always considered eccentric by his fellow wizards of the Spire, Halaster was paranoid from the moment he set foot in the Spire to the day he died. He studied with the greatest wizards of his time, but more than that, he trained. A self-proclaimed war wizard, and a distinguished bladesinger, Halaster's greatest contributions to arcane study had little to do with combat prowess.

Halaster prepared a clone body for his soul, in the event that something should slip past his vigilance and destroy him. This development, along with his growing interest in control over souls, drew the gifted young wizard Evard to Halaster. The war wizard found Evard's open-mindedness, and deep understanding of blood magic, intriguing. Halaster taught Evard a great deal regarding controlling the soul, and animating a body.

Though he did not know it at the time, Halaster's work paved the way for Evard to discover the necromancy and nethermancy schools of magic. Over the course of his life, Halaster prepared several laboratories with clones, and hid them in the Underdark. Halaster's efforts paid off twice, and allowed him to live three lives. His third life was ended by an avenger, who trapped and destroyed his soul.


Third EraEdit

In the year 49,950 AC, one of the clones of Halaster was awakened by the Trail of Five Darknesses ritual conducted by the wizard Sair. This clone lacked Halaster Blackcloak's soul, and chose instead to remain simply Hal; a nomadic swordmage. In 49,991 AC, Hal aided the Knights of Morgnan in rooting out an Avvar spy. Kairon knighted Hal for his selflessness and courage, inducting him into the Order of the Knights of Morgnan.