"You could not comprehend the kind of power I have at my command. My true form here would incinerate this city and melt the earth upon which I stand. If you glimpsed my mind, you would witness something that would awe you, humble you, and quite probably burn your very soul. I am the last of my kind in the Mortal Realm. Your life is a flickering candle to me, and your civilizations rise and fall like the summer sun." -Julia the Phoenix


Race: Phoenix

Class: Sorcereress

Affiliation: Undying Pyre


Julia the Phoenix has no discernable origin, except that as a phoenix, she entered the Mortal Realm from the Elemental Chaos. Based on her words to Emperor Rurik, it is entirely possible that Julia was the first phoenix, and that she fought alongside the primordials against the gods in the Dawn War. In the year 49,910 AC, Julia served the wizard Quentin in his siege of Gloomwrought. Though no one knows what became of Quentin or his intended victim, and Julia was the only one ever seen again. Regardless, Julia was trapped in the Mortal Realm in 50,000 AC following the fall of the Astral Sea, when Selesnya sealed off the planes.

For the ten years that Lord Mogogol led the Knights of Morgnan against the servants of Selesnya, Julia advised Emperor Rurik as the archmage of the empire in exile. After the Battle of Ascalon, Julia searched opposite Riya for a power to defeat Selesnya. Where the angel was convinced that the shards of the Astral Sea would tip the scales in their favor, the phoenix sought the Athame.