"None escape the knighthood. All come into the Undying Light." -Thalia



Era: Third

First: Thalia

Fealty: Kingdom of Istan

Distinctions: Sigil of the Chalice of Istan


Witch Hunters were harsh, cruel, and fanatical members of an inquisitorial synod dedicated to the persecution and eradication of magic in Istan. They were well prepared to fight demons, devils, dragons, but they fought mages most of all. They became even more formidable when they added the clergy of religions outside their own to their definition of mages.

Though officially without any allegiance, their operations were sanctioned by the Church of the Undying Light, and the Istani monarchy occasionally supported them with gold and firewood for the pyres. They were known to be blindly fanatical, as well as violently overzealous, in their cause.

Absolute loyalty and humility were required of mages in Istan, but some of them were accustomed to a different kind of treatment, and did not prostrate themselves before the knighthood. This, combined with the Draconic Prophecy being wrongly interpreted, contributed to many deaths at the stakes and by torture.