"The kobold forsake roots for the winding of the path, forsake voices for the silence of the mind, forsake all else for the poverty of isolation. Kobold have no concept of exploration. They return to homelands forgotten. The kobold of Athas are known for quiet determination in the face of overwhelming odds." -Rhogar Medrash



Homeland: Athas



The Kobold live a spare and nomadic existence. They travel mercilessly light, carrying with them only the essentials, valuing the portability of individual skill and strength of character over more 'static' virtues. "We were not meant to put down roots. The heart is a moving organ," they say. Despite their constant motion, the Kobold revere locations in a deep sense. They travel in small bands along one of several pilgrimage routes, visiting dozens of sacred sites across Athas. Each pilgrimage circuit takes decades, and many are lost to Athas' dangers along the way.

The Kobold are masters of ropes and hooks, using them to travel and to hunt, and incorporating them into their spirituality. They rarely use unreliable devices such as crossbows to propel their grappling hooks onto cliff faces or into flying game, relying instead on simple, sturdy rope and the skill of the arm. A hooked line is also a social and sacred symbol for the Kobold, representing their connection to each other and to the world around them.