"He wants you to think that he's a cutthroat with no heart. But I've seen it. He's a good man." -Marhana



Race: Dwarf

Class: Rogue

Affiliation: Marhana


Leorry grew up in Avathar, one of the few surface dwarves in the country. An orphan in the streets of Kupa, Leorry resorted to thievery to survive. By 49,975 AC, Leorry was guildmaster of his own thieves' guild. He met Grigore the social savant on a job, and the two became fast friends. 

In the year 49,976 AC, the thieves' guild excommunicated and attempted to assassinate Leorry. Though he survived, the betrayal cost him an eye, and he became a suspicious loner. Leorry frequented taverns and favored one lady of the evening; an elf girl named Marhana. In time, their relationship changed from one of coin to one of love. In 49,985 AC, Marhana joined Leorry on his gambit for the Athame; a priceless artifact held in the capitol of Eternia: Allemantheia. 

Leorry purchased the gladiator slave Davven, freed him, and offered him a share of the profit if he protected Leorry and Marhana throughout the heist. Davven agreed, but Leorry knew that they would also need Grigore to pull the heist off. The priest was more than willing to help, and together, the four of them set out to steal the Athame.