"You know the words of the Keepers."

"My mother taught me."

"Then you are truly of the elvhenan. Aneth arada'len." -Marhana and Gisharel



Race: Elf

Class: Rogue

Affiliation: Leorry


Though many believe that being born an elf in the occupied Avathar would be a blessing, Marhana did not live a blessed life. Her impoverished mother died when Marhana was six, leaving her to survive on the streets among humans who hated elves. Marhana survived as best as she could, dabbling in thievery. For most of her life, however, Marhana was a lady of the evening. 

One of her frequent companions was Leorry the thief. Marhana saw good in him, and in time, fell in love with him. He took her from the life of a lady of the evening, and introduced her to his world of daring heists. In the year 49,985 AC, Marhana followed Leorry to Eternia, to steal the Athame. They passed through the Lost Forest, and there they encountered the Ralaferin clan of wood elves. The Keeper Gisharel acknowledged Marhana as elvhenan, and formally offered her a place in the Ralaferin clan.