"What do you think, lad?"

"Uh, sure. Yeah." -Darus and Mariz Kad

Mariz Kad


Race: Genasi

Class: Rogue

Affiliation: Empire of Bael Turath


Thief in Baldur's Gate turned slayer of Keyn, Dragon of Raam. With Keyn's treasure, Mariz Kad discovered one of the Runes of Creation, specifically the Rune of Hell. Through this rune, Asmodeus contacted the Genasi thief. The archdevil promised him wealth and power in exchange for small favors from time to time.

Mariz Kad was knighted by Zeth Pelaios as a Knight Protector of Nerath, and kept on his personal guard throughout the ninth invasion of the War of Ruin. However, Asmodeus' favors disrupted Zeth's efforts, sabotaged the Heroes of Baldur's Gate, and nearly lost the Empire of Bael Turath the north. Asmodeus used Mariz Kad as envoy to Emperor Incerion Pelaios, and offered to elevate the noble bloodlines of Bael Turath, make them into astral beings like himself. Through Mariz Kad, Asmodeus taught Incerion Pelaios the Bloodfire Moon ritual. When every noble house signed the Atha­naeum in blood, Asmodeus granted them their desire. The noble bloodlines became Tieflings, and as reward for his part in it, Mariz Kad was transformed into a powerful devil.