"That doesn't even make any sense!" -Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon



Race: Mogogol (Bullywug)

Class: Rogue

Fealty: House Grandfather, Crimson Crows, Knights of Morgnan


Third EraEdit

Second son of Mogogol Lord of House Grandfather, this Mogogol Second Prince became known as Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon when he fought and defeated the mighty dragon Keizaal in his sixteenth winter. Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon followed his older brother Mogogol Crown Prince in the Battle of Castle Shanairra in 25,000 AC. Their ship was lost, and Mogogol Crown Prince killed. Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon was rescued by the Crimson Crows Alryn, R'Dajee Marr, and Morgnan. Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon helped them assault Castle Shanairra, defeat Lord Leucis Pelaios, capture Prince Melech Pelaios, and rescue Princess Sariel Shanairra. 

Returning victorious from the War of Yunith, Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon was now the rightful heir to House Grandfather, and after the death of Mogogol Lord of House Grandfather in 25,005 AC, he assumed the title. Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon reunited with R'Dajee Marr and Morgnan that very year to aid Alryn against House August. In 25,010 AC, Lady Sariel Shanairra called a moot in Yunith and proposed a monarchy that would lead the noble houses. The assembled lords agreed, and Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon was chosen as the first King of Yunith.

Sometime after his coronation, Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon recovered Vigilance from the sea. 

By the year 49,975 AC, Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon had passed the crown to a successor, and left Yunith entirely. Gifted with immortality, and known to the people of Kryta only as Lord Mogogol, he guided young heroes in their own destinies. Lord Mogogol found Pel and, knowing the blood of House Pelaios in his heart, gave him Vigilance. Arannis, Biri, Pakwuk, Twitterman, Charon, and Nexus all met Lord Mogogol this way in 50,000 AC, as he guided them to the Arena of Stars.

Fourth EraEdit

In the year 50,001 AC, after the fall of the astral sea, Lord Mogogol allied himself with Emperor Rurik and the empire in exile. For ten years he led the Order of the Knights of Morgnan against the servants of Selesnya. In the year 50,010 AC, Lord Mogogol led these knights in the Battle of Ascalon, where they were all wiped out, and Lord Mogogol was impaled on the gates.