"Anything to say, Nexus?"

"Remain silent." -Pakwuk and Nexus



Race: Fiend

Class: Paladin

Fealty: Knights of Morgnan, Selesnya


Third EraEdit

Once a Genasi thief who struck a bargain with Asmodeus, the devil Nexus survived the Cataclysm and went on to possess a human paladin. By 25,000 AC Nexus was fighting in the Arena of Chains, but Aemon pulled both Charon and Nexus forward to aid the Knights of Morgnan in 50,000 AC. Nexus was bound by Selesnya shortly thereafter, and slaved to her will.

Fourth EraEdit

Nexus helped Selesnya seize power, and to keep him close, she elevated him as her exarch. However, the devil Nexus could not be restrained forever. Nexus led his paladins against Selesnya in 50,005 AC. The devil fought against Selesnya in single combat, but she defeated him, humiliated him, and bound him in chains that echo on his followers.

In 50,015 AC, the Final Battle of Ascalon, Nexus led the vanguard, Pakwuk saw to the city defenses, and Arannis stood guard over Selesnya. Immediately noticing the Avatars of the New Host, Nexus bounded for them, crushing his enemies and his soldiers under foot to engage them. The druid Morokei petrified him, and Syken Pelaios shattered him, killing him.