"For a healer, you don't heal very often."

"You don't need healing very often." -Biri and Pakwuk



Race: Relluk, Anumus

Class: Cleric

Affiliation: Knights of Morgnan, Selesnya


Third EraEdit

Relluk woken by Biri, learned healing, became rabbit man, never healed. Betrayed the Reborn Io at the Arena of Stars.

Fourth EraEdit

After Selesnya consumed Io, destroyed Morgnan, tore down the Astral Sea, and severed the planes, she elevated Twitterman, the bound devil Nexus, and the undead Arannis as her exarchs. She then summoned Pakwuk was elevated as Selesnya's exarch, and named God of Death. Pakwuk was instructed to wage eternal war against those who dared reject the Selesnya's new world. After 50,005 AC, Pakwuk was given his own servants, the Legion of the Undead God. Like Twitterman and Arannis, Pakwuk sided with Selesnya during Nexus' rebellion.

In 50,015 AC, the Final Battle of Ascalon, Nexus led the vanguard, Pakwuk saw to the city defenses, and Arannis stood guard over Selesnya. As the battle raged on, Pakwuk spotted the wizard Aemon who was responsible for turning him into a rabbit man. Pakwuk attacked him, only to be blown up by an accidental misfire of Aemon's wand. Pakwuk's head was then taken by Aemon for its 'fluffy ears.'