"Legends never die." -Lord Mogogol



Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Banefire Company


Third Era Edit


In the streets of Ascalon, the boy Pel grew up with nothing and no one. Without family and without a home, this boy learned to survive on his wits alone, and to trust only himself. On his eighth birthday, a foreign knight in emerald armor took notice of Pel, and bestowed on him a gift; a masterwork sword he called the Vigil. Though Pel never knew the strange knight's motive, he treasured that sword more than his own life.

In the years that followed, Pel trained with the Vigil every night before he lay down to sleep, and every morning after he woke. In time, Pel became a talented swordsman, and found work as a sellsword, a mercenary. He was never a noble knight, but he kept to his own code, and in time, he formed Banefire Company with the cleric Thomiir and the wizard Finn. Pel and the Vigil famously fought alongside Shadow Company in Barovia against the Black Hand, and later continued that fight in Starag.

Fourth Era Edit


Later in his life, Pel returned to Ascalon, and raised his son Syken on his own. When the foreign knight, Lord Mogogol, recruited a fellowship to challenge Selesnya in 50,010 AC, Pel left Syken behind and rode against the only god and her exarchs in the Battle of Ascalon. As the conflict raged on, Lord Mogogol confronted Selesnya, and Pel and the Vigil held off legions of undead, buying his benefactor time at the cost of his own life. Though Lord Mogogol was defeated, Selesnya stood victorious, and Pel died in battle, his legend lived on as one of the greatest swordsman of all time.

In the year 50,015 AC, Pel's son Syken took up the Vigil, his father's sword. He continued the fight against Selesnya and her exarchs alongside Emperor Rurik and Stendarr's Chosen in the Final Battle of Ascalon. In the end, Syken landed the killing blow against the exarch Nexus, avenging his father.