"I am the prince. Kif, show them my honors. Don't forget my titles!" -Prince Rurik



Race: Half-Elf

Class: Warlord

Affiliation: Kingdom of Kryta, Knights of Morgnan


The crown prince, grandmaster of the Order of the Knights of Morgnan, made emperor after his father was murdered in 50,000 AC. Rurik was advised by the angel Riya and Julia, the phoenix, and he allied with Lord Mogogol from 50,001 AC until 50,010 AC. Rurik gathered together the resistance groups from Istan, Eternia, and Avathar, and united them in the empire in exile, while Lord Mogogol led their forces against the servants of Selesnya. The Battle of Ascalon saw the Knights of Morgnan exterminated, and Lord Mogogol impaled on the city gates in immortal agony, spelling the end of the empire in exile.

Rurik formed the Knights of Mogogol in 50,013 AC as a symbol against Selesnya's all-consuming darkness. Most of the survivors from the empire in exile reformed into the Order of Whispers, led by Rurik, waging a shadow war against the servants of Selesnya. In 50,014 AC, Rurik united the remnants of the empire in exile with the Knights of Mogogol and the Order of Whispers in the Rebel Alliance, escalating the shadow war into a full-scale conquest. Rurik abducted and convinced the outlaw Syken Pelaios to lead Stendarr's Chosen in pursuit of Io's Claw; a holy relic that could change the course of the war. 

In 50,015 AC, Rurik infiltrated Ascalon with the aid of the Mahrog crime lord Oreo. They rescued Lord Mogogol, and with the aid of Stendarr's Chosen, began the Final Battle of Ascalon. Rurik and Lord Mogogol fought Selesnya at her throne, and as the clouds finally broke and dawn's first light ignited the sky, Rurik sacrificed his life to slay Selesnya.