"We didn't pass any ale or courtesans on our way here."

"You're right. R'Dajee Marr isn't here." -Alryn and Morgnan



Race: Dray (Dragonborn)

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Crimson Crows, House Medrash


R'Dajee Marr was descended from the line of Rhogar Medrash, though he never knew of this ancestry. He joined the Crimson Crows mercenary guild and served under Captain Arannis Shanairra sometime before 25,000 AC. R'Dajee Marr was instrumental in the War of Yunith, earning his own captaincy in the guild, and commanding the allies of House Ezhelya during the Battle of Castle Shanairra.

The noble House Medrash formally adopted R'Dajee Marr, naming him heir, and sending him to lead their forces in the search for Lo'vanthor in 25,005 AC. On reaching the City of the Dragon God, the divine essence of Io within R'Dajee Marr sparked to life. Alryn and Morgnan found R'Dajee Marr at Lo'vanthor, and he journeyed with them to defeat Alek August and his vampires.

In the year 25,010 AC, R'Dajee Marr ascended, transforming into the Reborn Io. The Sovereign Host welcomed the Reborn Io, and he ruled with them from Celestia in the Astral Sea for twenty five thousand years. In the year 50,000 AC, a feud arose between the Reborn Io and his former comrade-in-arms, Alryn the Dark Lord of Yunith. Morgnan was persuaded to mediate the dispute, and both Io and Alryn had to choose mortal champions to fight to the death.

The Reborn Io chose his scion, the wizard Twitterman. However, as Twitterman prepared to duel Alryn's champion Arannis, the Dark Lord of Yunith's champion betrayed him, destroying Alryn. The Reborn Io was betrayed shortly thereafter, as Twitterman channeled the ancient horror Selesnya to consume R'Dajee Marr.