"If I let you drown in your own blood it would be mercy on my part" Ralkim to victim.


Identity. Edit

Race: Human

Class: Swordmage

Affiliation: None


As a child it was rumored that the man once called Fallos was an orphan, while it was proven that his parents died, it was uncertain as to when and where.

The child studied with many men that knew the arts of magic and it was said he was a natural. Later on in his teen years he became more fluent in speech and manipulation, people could rarely tell a lie from the truth, as if he could tell you magic wasn't real and make you believe it.

He finaly became a sword artist like no one had seen before, challenging anybody to duels and he would always come out on top. He devised a plan that if he ever lost he would take the man that beat him as his new personal trainer.

Finaly his adult years came around and he locked himself in his home for many years and nobody knew why. When he came out, it was to slaughter the innocent. "Endless" the night seemed as recalled by an old man, and midnight came around and the moon turned blood red. His magic was to strong for the queen to even consider stopping him, and when she sent royal gaurds to capture the man, they came back in more parts than should be in a normal human.

"Insidious" "Malevolent" "Vile" are words to describe him now, as he is revered throughout all of Keldatropin. It is a myth and or legend at this point, it happened about 54 years ago and wives have made it stories to tell their children to keep them in line.

The night of the Blood Moon is almost as infamous as Ralkim, but it is a night in which people tend to close shop early, and keep their doors locked tight.

The current whereabouts of Ralkim are unknown, but it is rumored that he lives to the far east in un-charted waters where no ship has ever come back.