"This world is mine." -Aeternus Consternatio

Rise of the Todes Lords


DM: Jason

Preceeded by: Traitors of Io

Succeeded by: War of Ruin


Heroes, villains, champions, and monsters from all across time and the planes are drawn to a world in peril. Terrible demonic forces have conquered nearly the entire realm of Keldatropin, pressing the defenders back to one remaining island, Manitol, to make their last stand. In desperation, the queen uses her vast powers to draw individuals of importance and power from the mortal realm to her side, in the hopes that they might turn the tide. Sent on a quest through these conquered islands, these planeswalkers must discover where these impossibly powerful demon princes came from, and ultimately, banish them. But even the mightiest heroes of the mortal realm may not be able to stop the rise of the Todes Lords...