"Even the wicked have nightmares." -Lord Mogogol



Race: Deva

Class: Invoker

Affiliation: New Host


At the turn of the era in 50,000 AC, Riya stood on the Mortal Realm, aiding the Knights of the Chalice hunt down a diabolist in Istan. When Selesnya tore down the Astral Sea and declared herself the only god, Riya swore to avenge the Sovereign Host and slay Selesnya herself. In 50,010 AC Riya joined Lord Mogogol in the Battle of Ascalon, and though the others fell, Riya was cast down by the dark goddess, condemned to live with the shame of failure. Since that time, Riya has fought for Emperor Rurik's Order of Whispers, often called to do battle with Selesnya's most powerful servants by the Knights of Mogogol.

In 50,013 AC, Emperor Rurik sent Riya and archmage Julia to secure powers and weapons for the war against Selesnya. While the phoenix searched for the Athame, Riya believed that the only power that could overwhelm the undead god would be the shards of the Astral Sea. The angel's search revealed that Argh the Nexus Paladin had seized the Claw of Io, and it was this report that drew Stendarr's Chosen to him.

During the Final Battle of Ascalon in 50,015 AC, Riya led a contingent of Rurik's soldiers against Selesnya's forces. Following the defeat of Selesnya and the ascension of the New Host, Riya was tasked with creating a new angelic host for New Celestia.