"I don't just hate them. Hate is too easy a word. They corrupted and perverted my world. They murdered my father. I will see them dead. Every. Last. One." -Syken



Race: Human

Class: Rogue, Fighter

Affiliation: Rurik


Syken was raised by his father, the mercenary swordsman Pel. From a young age, Syken was taught to fight using Pel's sword Vigilance. In the year 50,000 AC, the Astral Sea fell. Syken and Pel fled the cities and lived in the Everfree Forest. Syken learned to live off the land, and to avoid notice. In 50,010 AC, Pel said goodbye to Syken and marched with Lord Mogogol in the ultimately futile Battle of Ascalon. Syken lost his father, but he gained an unmatched enmity for Selesnya and her servants.

In the years that followed, Syken raided Selesnya's servants wherever and whenever he could. He ambushed supply lines and cut down camps as they slept. He acquired a reputation with the people, and notoriety with Selesnya's servants, enhanced by his victory over a Paladin of Nexus.

Emperor Rurik met with Syken and offered him the opportunity to bring down Selesnya. Syken warily agreed.