"I found the truth. I led my fellow Kobolds and Ssurrans against my former god, Hevno, Dragon of Raam. And when I mounted his head above the city gate, I cast aside my mask. I could no longer serve Arkhosia. I could only serve my people." -Tahli



Race: Kobold

Class: Cleric

Affiliation: Kobold Rebellion


Formerly a Wyrmpriest in service to Hevno, Dragon of Raam. Tahli became disillusioned with his perceived god's treatment of his fellow Kobolds and Ssurrans. When he learned that Hevno had nothing but disdain for his people, Tahli gathered together three hundred like-minded Kobolds and Ssurrans and stormed the palace. Hevno was slain, and Tahli mounted his head above the city gate. Though the Dragon of Raam was defeated, Hevno's Atavist, Medrash Warbringer, declared himself the first Sorcerer King of Raam, and continued to battle for the city with his loyal Dray.

Help came in the most unexpected form. The Heroes of Baldur's Gate, Alec Quinn, Count Grodd, Gor, Mariel, and Mariz Kad, marched into Raam and announced their intention to aid Tahli. Though initially suspicious of warriors from the Empire of Bael Turath, Tahli had no choice but to accept their help. Sending them to Wuth, Serpent King of the Yuan Ti, Tahli bade them persuade the followers of Zehir to renounce their alliance with the Empire of Arkhosia and throw in with the Kobold Rebellion.

The heroes were successful, and after they slew Medrash Warbringer's successor Keyn, Dragon of Raam, Tahli named them friends of the Kobold Rebellion and freedom everywhere. Tahli and Wuth then set out to free the rest of Athas from the talons of the Arkhosian Empire.