"By the time your knees have worn through your robe, you may have begun to learn your place." -Inquisitor Justinia



Era: First and Second

First: Inquisitor Justinia

Fealty: The Order

Distinctions: Black-accented white robes


The archpriest is a speaker of truth and a shouter of defiance. Through their hands, their staffs, and their voices the power of the gods is loosed against their foes. They scour enemies by the half-dozen with divine power; blinding them with radiance, hammering them with thunder, burning them with holy flame, driving them to the ground, and binding them in chains of light. Their words of judgment are the last the gods' enemies ever hear. 

Unlike other orders who gain their powers through rites of investiture, archpriests gain their powers through covenants made directly with the gods. All archpriests rely on fragments of the words of creation to some extent.

Paragons of scholarship, divine philosophers wield the power of knowledge. They believe that the gods are the ultimate vessels of wisdom in the universe, and through devotion to them and careful study of their words, they seek to understand and shape reality itself. 

Divine philosophers generally arise from remote monasteries where the words of the gods are studied and debated amid daily chants and meditations. A rare few divine philosophers are self-taught savants, who learn through careful study of divine texts and personal devotion to the gods. Whatever their origins, divine philosophers seek knowledge throughout the world, in temple archives, hidden vaults, and ancient libraries. 

Divine philosophers call on their deep understanding of the gods to aid in their work. Their tireless pursuit of knowledge leads them across the planes to ancient civilizations and hostile lands. Although they might serve a particular deity, they seek the wisdom of all the gods, wherever it can be found.