"Even the darkest corners of the world still lie in the shadow of the Order." -Kuori



Era: First and Second

First: Unknown

Fealty: The Order

Distinctions: Holy symbols


Dread imperators are agents of divine justice. It is their task to guard the innocent, to stand watch in the shadows, to censure their deities' foes with sacred power, and to lay them low with their weapons no matter where they hide. The enemies of their gods reign unchecked throughout the world; there is much to be done.

In the days of the human kingdom of Nerath, many temples and faiths were wealthy and widespread enough to give rise to powerful hierarchies, kingdom-spanning organizations that often wielded both religious and secular power. These empires of faith lapsed into disorder when Nerath fell. Temples lost touch with each other, local leaders split from their distant masters, and disaffected people abandoned the great temples for generations. But in a few places, the titles and trappings of the old hierarchies survive. Imperators are among these surviving traditions, a reminder of the days when archpriests maintained temple armies led by vigilant orders of inquisitors to ferret out dissent and disloyalty. 

Dread imperators have been invested in accordance with these ways. Even though their deities' faith are only shadows of their former kingdom-spanning glory, they still wield divine authority against their deities' enemies. They have the power to compel obedience from their foes and inspire loyalty in their allies. They are guardians of what they consider the right path, tirelessly seeking out foes both hidden and open. The day will come when the faith is restored throughout the lands, and they mean to be there to see it.