The Todeslord is the most powerful class of demon to come through the portal. In direct translation the word "Todeslord" means Deathlord, and it is called that for a good reason. They were the last to come through the portal as they are the most important for colonizing a new realm because they are the only class of
Armored lord by jameswolf

The Todeslord Trelueth As depicted by a survivor.

demon that have the ability to corrupt the land and atmosphere to suit their preferences. (Fire/Brimstone)

They attack not your physical form, but you very soul. They have the ability to go into your mind and take away your soul, after which they may eat or destroy it in however many ways they wish. No man or being has ever recovered from this type of attack.

Many describe the fight against one of these creatures as though fighting a God. It seems that no physical, magical, or mental attacks have any affect.

Quote: "Hahaha, after you, I will take your friends, your family, and your loved ones. Nothing can stop us! The Gods look at our power with envy, and your pathetic forms look at us in terror... For good reason. Now embrace your death mortal, I do enjoy watching you mortals squirm and whine as I Take you life!"