"A storm is coming. There is unrest in the heavens. Once again, the fate of the worlds rests in the hands of mortals." -Lord Mogogol



DM: Caleb

Preceeded by: Oathkeepers of Yunith

Succeeded by: Rise of the Todes Lords


The sequel to Oathkeepers of Yunith takes place in the distant kingdom of Kryta. The prince is nearly murdered in the streets, and only the intervention of wayward adventurers Twitterman, Biri, Pakwuk, and Arannis save him. Knighted, these four heroes embark on a quest to discover the mastermind behind the assassination plot, aided by the heroes of time Charon and Nexus, as well as the mad wizard Aemon, and Lord Mogogol. But what they discover, and what they unleash, is far darker than anything they could have feared. In a battle against unseen evils, the true villains lie within...