"I don't understand... You are my champion..."

"Oh father, I was never your champion." -Twitterman and Io



Race: Deva

Class: Wizard

Affiliation: Knights of Morgnan, Selesnya


Third EraEdit

Banished from the Astral sea by his father, the Reborn Io, Twitterman was destined to get his revenge. He teamed up with the Knights of Morgnan for greatness, and through his deception and silver tongue, they played right into his hands. The last thing he said to his father, before he was banished, was, "I will return!" Now, having delivered Io to Selesnya, Twitterman the exarch is free to corrupt and destroy all his father stood for.

Fourth EraEdit

After Selesnya consumed the Reborn Io, destroyed Morgnan, tore down the Astral Sea, and severed the planes, she elevated Pakwuk, the bound devil Nexus, and the undead Arannis, as her exarchs. The wizard Twitterman was elevated as Selesnya's exarch, and named God of Deception. Twitterman was instructed to . After 50,005 AC, Twitterman was given his own servants, the Twitterman Betrayers. Like Pakwuk and Arannis, Twitterman sided with Selesnya during Nexus' rebellion.

In 50,015 AC, after the loss of Kvatch to the Rebel Alliance, Twitterman planned his own treachery against Selesnya. Before he could make his first move, however, Selesnya destroyed him.