"I am the fire that burns, the choking fog, the storm that rains devastation on our foes." -Garel-Kai

Identity Edit


Source: Arcane. Wizards channel arcane forces through extensive study, hidden knowledge, and intricate preparation. To a wizard, magic is an art form, an expressive and powerful method by which he or she seeks to control the world around them.

Role: Controller. Wizards exert control through magical effects that cover large areas - sometimes debilitating foes, sometimes consuming them with fire.

Implement: Orbs, staffs, wands.

History Edit

Some things no person is meant to know, some powers no mortal should ever wield, and some mysteries are best left buried in the lost manuscripts. Common wisdom advises all this, yet wizards have little use for such quaint warnings and plunge headlong into the occult without fear. For this reason, most people fear wizards, or if they don’t fear them, they at least steer clear of them - for who knows what magic they work in their laboratories or what terrible secrets they have unearthed? If wizards notice such an attitude, they pay it no heed or, perhaps, cultivate it to keep the uninitiated from peering too closely at the forces these magicians wield.

A wizard, it has been said, is an arcane scion, a gifted individual trained in the mystical arts who accesses the power that permeates the cosmos and molds it into useful and often destructive forms. A wizard’s approach to magic is one of scholarship and accomplishment. To a wizard, there is no easy path to power; there is only research, discipline, and intellect. Those who circumvent the proper order, such as the dubious warlocks and their untamed cousins the sorcerers, pervert magical energy - or, worse, are ruled by it. For this reason wizards guard their secrets well, teaching their lore only to those worthy candidates who have both the mental acuity and the strength of will to use it. The wizard’s traditions are passed down to promising students through apprenticeship or in an arcane academy’s classrooms.

Although wizards have a reputation for being pedantic scholars, more concerned with preserving moldering books than with what goes on outside their tower walls, the truth is that many of them venture into the world as adventurers. Magical treasures litter the world, and in those items are secrets to growing one’s power. Wizards expand their minds through arcane lore they find, improve their other abilities with each item recovered, and awaken new spellcasting abilities the longer they pursue the adventuring life. 

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